Here it is
The cursed number 29
It took me a while
to find it in storage

Is this going to be okay?
Let's not do this
Are you scared?
We've all made our decision
so what are you afraid of?

Did you forget these bastards...
go to school
just to torment us?

I can't take it anymore
Go home if you're afraid
But I never want to see
your faces again
Yoo Jin
You said
you wanted them dead
So we'll put a curse on them
They'll never bother us again
I'm a psychic
I can call the spirit

You have to be sincere to call
the spirits here

If you get scared and open
your eyes during the seance

the spirit can enter you
No matter what happens
don't open your eyes

You got it?
Bunshinsaba Bunshinsaba
Please come to me

Bunshinsaba Bunshinsaba
Please come to me

Oh spirit, oh spirit
I beg you to awaken
from your sleep

With your strength curse those
whose names are on this pad