Hye ji
She lit herself on fire?
She put the plastic bag
over her head?

It's amazing what kids will do
these days

- Are you in class 7?
- Yes

Do you know what time it is?
Follow me
I'll see you
You guys seem glad that
Hye Ji's dead?

We're just...
You're all but
laughing about it

You listen to me...
You keep hanging out with that
bitch from Seoul, Yoo Jin

and I'll really make
it tough on you, You got it?

What do you think
you're doing?

You'll be sharing the room
with class 7 for today

Stop thinking about useless things
Study on your own Alright?

They said Hye Ji died in class
In seat number 29

Mr. Park...
Are you thinking
about that too?

It could just be a coincidence
It could be but that seat...
the seat she died in
bothers me a bit

What happened?
I was her homeroom teacher
but I couldn't do anything about it

I don't understand it
She wasn't a good student but
not a person to commit suicide

I'm sorry that such a bad thing happened
just as you started your new post