and placed a curse
on those kids

- And then Hye Ji...
- I'm sorry

I didn't know
they tormented you so much

Hye Ji and II Ho's deaths
weren't your fault

They aren't the only ones
There are two more that
were on the list

You're the only
one that can save them

Is there a ghost after you?
Don't you stare me down
Stop it!
Do you want to
end up like II Ho?

What were you doing with II Ho

What are you talking about?
I didn't see her yesterday
And I heard you met Hye Ji
the day before she died too

Why do they all lit their head on fire
after they meet you?

Are you some kind
of bitch back from the dead?

Are we all going to die now?
Don't talk to us in the future
Don't even look at us

or I'll light
your head on fire

You got it?
Where have you been?
Why are you so late?

It was just last night that
your father yelled at you for being late