You can't remember?
Do you remember meeting Hye Ji
or II Ho the day before they died?

I can't remember that
I don't remember
but they say I met them
Are you playing games?
Weren't you and
the dead kids rivals?

Does it make sense that
you can't remember?

I don't know
I really don't remember
I didn't kill them
It's the curse
of Kim In Sook

So the ghost of seat
number 29 killed the kids?

A ghost
Did Mr. Han know about
the curse on Jae Un yesterday?

So who's next...
So Jung
So Jung
Who's there?
So Jung
- What?
- Come out here

I have something
to tell you

What is it?
Tell me from there

My mom won't let me go out
Are you scared?
- You're scared of me, huh?
- What? You are dead meat

I'd kill you now
if it weren't for my mother

I'll deal with you at school
I'm going to light
your head on fire

You got it?