What good it would do if we drive
Yoo Jin's family out of village?

- Don't get involved
- Father

Everybody is afraid that
the student's deaths
are related

to the deaths of that mother
and daughter 30 years ago

What is the secret of
Chun Hee and her daughter?

That's enough
That's all in the past
Yoo Jin
You're a murderer
We aren't studying with you

Who did this?
Who did it?

Are you going
to keep this up?

- I have something to say
- What is it?

Why are you so protective
of Yoo Jin?

Look around here
See how many seats
are empty

How many more will be empty...
You're not even
her homeroom teacher

You're responsible
for class 7

My mother's in hospital
in Seoul because of me

She says there's something
wrong with her eyes

Was she injured?
She told me not to
leave the village

No matter what happens...!