I hope to success
- Let see...
- Can I help you?

Didn't Yoo Jin come today?
She's here, why?
Her seat's empty
She went to the art room
for a while

The art room?
If you're thinking about
expelling her, don't

Did I say anything?
Kim In Sook's death wasn't an accident
She was murdered 30 years ago...
the same way these kids
were killed

And you were there
Who told you that?
They're out of their mind

The hateful spirit of In Sook
is inside Yoo Jin

Father, we've got to stop
the sacrifices

I must have been out
of my mind

The entire village was out
of their minds

No outsiders ever lived there
for generations

Because the village people had
serious prejudice against outsiders

Then one day Chun Hee came here
to live with her daughter

They were quite unwelcome
We decided to drive them out
We used lame excuses like In Sook's paperwork
wasn't sufficient enough...

As time went by
we changed our attitude
What changed your minds?
Chun Hee...
it was because of Chun Hee

President Park Jung Hee
issued an order to district offices
to ban any superstitions and
involvement in any exorcism