what I'm thinking
about right now

Didn't you come to
ask me for a favor?

Don't think anyone else in school or
village can help your daughter

Without me your daughter
is going to have it rough

If it's for your daughter
then tell me what
I'm thinking

Mr. Han
Is someone there?
Mr. Han, are you in there?
Mr. Han left for a moment
After she left I realized
what a repulsive
person I was

An educator using
one's daughter

as bait to rape her mother
Not for one day
have I forgotten
my despicable

actions of that day
So others in the
village did

the same terrible things
to Chun Hee?

It's the reason they could
remain in the village

Then why did the village people
changed their mind and decided to
chase them out?

The secret couldn't be kept
Who is it?
Who's there?
Fire! Chun Hee's
house is on fire!