Teacher! Chun Hee's
house is on fire

Chun Hee get out
Leave the village!

In Sook is dead
Your kids have killed
my poor daughter

Commissioner Yoon
Principal Kim

and the rest of you
I will curse all of you

I'll curse everything
that ever comes out of this village

Never leave the village
if you want to live
Miss Lee
what do you think of

this Yoo Jin?
I don't think
it's a good idea

to expel her from school
She is causing
a lot of trouble

And the other children's lives
are also in danger

We're only guessing that
she's possessed by In Sook

You wouldn't understand
because you're not from here
And there's no need
to explain it

The point is that
the other students can't study with her

Think of what's best
for the group

That's what makes a society
Don't let Yoo Jin hang
out in the art room

That's coming from me
as the principal

Do you understand?
Miss Lee?
What's wrong?