Catch That Kid

Dad, l have to
talk to you.

l'm gonna steal $250,000
from Mom's bank.

l have to climb a hundred feet
to get to the safe.

Way higher than l've ever,
ever climbed before.

And l have to lie to my two best friends
to get 'em to do it with me.

Well, Maddy...
a hundred feet
is too dangerous.

You know,
that's how far l fell.

Yeah, l know, Dad.
Plus, it's illegal
to steal money.

You know Mom'll get fired
if anyone ever found out.

l thought about
all that, but--

but wouldn't it be worth it if
it means you could get better?

Yeah, Maddy...
it probably would be.
l've been thinking
since yesterday, and...

l love you.
Here. Um,
l have the other half.

- Please say all that again.
- Stop. Come on.

Promise to help
with the mission?

Just don't tell Gus, 'cause we need him,
and he wouldn't do it if he knew.

He'd be devastated.
- What about Austin?
- You're much cuter.

l've actually liked you
the whole time.

Yes! l knew it!