It all started on the day that I died.
If there had been an obituary...
:03:18 would've described
the unremarkable life...

... of an unremarkable woman...
... survived by no one.
But there was no obituary...
... because the day that I died...
... was also the day I started to live.
But that comes later.
This was my life.
Days blended together,
consistently ordinary...

... thanks to a job that was the practical
version of my passion.

- I' m sorry.
- Watch where you' re going!

I was supposed to be an artist by now.
...I was designing ads for beauty cream.
- You are so addicted to that stuff, Sally.
- Happily.

- Beau-Iine is magic in a bottle.
- I don't know how you get it.

- It's not even in production yet.
- We have our ways.

- Hey.
- No!

Headaches again.
My brain's all tight and cranky.

In one week, precisely, we will Iaunch
the most exciting...

...and revolutionary product
to hit the beauty industry since...

Now, Beau-Iine doesn't
just hide the effects of aging...

:04:45 actually reverses them.
However, with change...
...must come sacrifice.
My husband...
...and I have decided that
it's time for me to step aside...

:04:57 the face of Hedare.
It has been a magnificent 15 years.