- It's nice.
- Thanks.

Yeah, it kind of reminds me
of early Chagall.

Elegant, but whimsical.
Very much in the...
- ...tradition of the old Dutch Masters.
- I'm impressed.

Don't be. I noticed all the art in your
apartment, so I Googled it at the office.

- No, but really, I Iike it.
- Thanks.

Listen, I wanted to apologize about this
morning for thinking you were a jumper.

I was hoping to make it up
by taking you to coffee.

I know this great Italian place
around the corner, Grecchio's on 6th.

Or, listen, maybe tomorrow's better.
Say, 1:00?

- Okay.
- Y eah?

Okay. So tomorrow then, 1:00.
- You make sure she gets there.
- Yes, officer.

- Counting on you.
- I screw it up...

:14:48 can throw away the key.
See you tomorrow.
Okay, bye.
- That is a man in serious Iike with you.
- You think?

- Hello.
- We got a Iot of work to do.

First, you gotta shave those Iegs.
Second, wear that Ieather outfit
we got you for your birthday.

- Remember?
- First, it's only coffee.

And second, I will never, ever,
ever wear that Ieather outfit.

Good night!
Hi, this is Patience
in the art department.

Yeah, I'm expecting a messenger
to come and pick up--

But it's gotta be there by midnight.
Well, I...
I know it's not your fault, but...

I'II take it myself.