- Did they tell you what was wrong?
- Oh, they have no idea.

They did run a million fun tests, though.
Hey, upside, you gotta see my doctor.
I can see you're feeling better.
Reminds me, what's up with the
"hot yet modest, but who cares...

...because he's so hot" detective?
It's not gonna work out, Sal.
Patience, you never think
it's gonna work.

Because it doesn't. I've got a good
reason for saying it this time. Trust me.

Look, this time I refuse
to Iet you sabotage a good thing.

If it's broke, fix it.
AII right? Now, I Iove you,
and he is gonna Iove you. Now, go.

Go give him some brown sugar.
I gotta meet my hottie doctor.
Tell me I Iook vulnerable.
Being good is something you keep
in your heart because you put it there.

I'm not saying it's easy. I'm not saying
some people don't choose to be bad.

But I want something different for you.
I want something better.

- You understand?
- Yeah.

- Can I see your gun?
- No.

- You know what makes somebody--
- Will you shoot it?

I want you to be
the good guys, got it?

- Yeah.
- Let's go shoot some hoops.

I called the police station
and they said you might be here.

You never got your coffee.
Well, you're a brave man to be facing
a mob Iike this. No backup?

I'm used to working alone,
most of the time.

- Is that by choice, or--
- Yeah, theirs.

No, I've had partners before.
Turns out I take my job too seriously.
You know my friend Sally?
That's what she says about me.

She says that I'm fun-deficient.
- I don't believe that.
- That's what she says.

- Who? Me and her?
- Yeah, come on.