I'm sitting here in a paper dress,
for God's sakes.

AII we did was talk.
And play a Iittle one- on-one.

- You know how to play basketball?
- Apparently I do.

- I even went Shaquille on his butt.
- Patience, have I taught you nothing?

You never beat a guy at sports.
It messes them up.

They end up in a men's group,
banging on a drum.

It's not Iike I meant to.
It just happened.

I'm telling you, Sal, something really,
really weird is happening to me.

- I practically jumped him.
- That's called Iust, sweetheart.

- Animal attraction.
- You think?

What if it gets worse?
- I mean, what if the next time--
- Next time? He asked you out again?

- I love this guy.
- So do I. But it's me I' m worried about.

- I felt Iike I couldn't be myself.
- Well, feel free to be me next time.

- Sally--
- I'm teasing. Just be yourself.

- I'II try.
- Oh, I gotta go.

Future father of my children's coming.
Sweet dreams, honey.

Excuse me.
I think I might have a fever.

- Shut that off!
- Get a Iife!

Yeah, get a Iife, you Ioser!
Sorry, babe.
This ain't the slumber party.

:37:49 your case,
I can make an exception.

I'm flattered.
But do you think this one time...
:37:55 could turn the music down
just a Iittle...