The Maus are sacred to Bast.
They're her messengers.

- You wrote this?
- I was a professor for 20 years...

...until I was denied tenure.
Male academia.
Bast is a rarity.
A goddess of the moon,
and of the sun.

She represents the duality in all women.
Docile, yet aggressive.

Nurturing, yet ferocious.
But what does all of this
have to do with me? I mean--

What happened the other night?
- I don't remember.
- Do you want me to tell you?

You died.
I didn't die. Look at me, I'm right here.
You died.
- But you were reborn.
- Oh, you're crazy.

- You are a crazy cat Iady.
- Midnight knew your fate.

That's why she tested you.
To see if you were worthy
of a gift she could give you.

A gift that could change your Iife...
...and give you a new one.
You're not alone, child. He's saved
others before you. Look.

Catwomen are not contained
by the rules of society.

You follow your own desires.
This is both a blessing and a curse.
You will often be alone
and misunderstood.

But you will experience a freedom
other women will never know.

You are a catwoman.
Every sight, every smell...

...every sound, incredibly heightened.
Fierce independence, total confidence,
inhuman reflexes.