Choking Hazard

Wasn't there a Radek?
Who is it then?

Aha, Tomas!
A ritual is a set
of actions you do every day.

Sometimes they're called neuroses.
My video for our course
on the meaning of life

should demonstrate my worldview.
No, that's a bit too accurate...
I better erase this.

This is my kitty.
- Hey.
- Hi.

Here's the star of the morning:
My roommate and friend,
Klara Hanusova.

- And this is Krenovcova.
- Why'd you run off yesterday?

It was really boring.
Look, you have to endure the
first 3 hours of every party:

It's the law of the long fuse.
Then everything explodes.

- As if anyone noticed I was gone.
- You and your complexes.

Besides, I thought that you
liked that guy... Tomas.

- What?
- And here he is.

So will you come
with me on the weekend?

Me and Klara are going.
If you come you won't regret it.

It'll be fun.
It'll be more
educational than fun.

You left, so I got him instead.
I liked Radek better anyway.
- This is too much!
- Beg your pardon?