Choking Hazard

that there is no difference
between good and evil.

- Lf I'm not mistaken.
- You are. I'm implying nothing.

Yes. That is also
very nihilistic.

Well, if your life resembles
what you've shown us,

no wonder
you're looking for meaning.

Now we have learned something
about ourselves and each other.

And that's the start of what
we're going to do this weekend.

I think that Mr. Verner's video
has nothing to do with-

Mr. Nedobyl, the discussion
is scheduled for Sunday.

The beginning of the hunt
Friday, September 12, 9:08 PM

Francis Bacon said it's
impossible to finish the contest

without setting the right goal.
But what is the goal
of human life?

At the beginning
everything is clear.

The sperm's goal is to fertilize
the ovum. That's a clear goal.

At birth, our only goal is
to suckle at our mother's breast

to increase
our chances of surviving.

Then what?
Our goals start to dissolve.

How is graduating from school
related to the meaning of life?

Does life
actually even have any meaning?

Night is coming,
animals head for sleep.

You should beware
of the black forest deep.

Woodsmen hunt the weak
not the brave.