Choking Hazard

Great. Real, aren't they? You
don't see that among the pros.

At least they won't
freeze my tongue.

Guys, don't you think
silicon's too cold?

- Listen, your behavior...
- Oh... I'm sorry.

I'm Karel Mechura. You must be
the director, right?

- Got your presentation tape?
- Sure I've got it.

Let's put it on
and get to know you better.

We can make up for lost time.
Play us something seminal.
You can play with that...
I'm gonna screw that in.
Oh, here it is.
This is what I did last year.

It's a classic, a solid anal.
But I didn't use enough gel
so her moaning isn't an act.

This is a bit more
extreme situation,

an interesting gang bang,
with four of us on her, DVDA,

I over-shot a bit here,
and the camera got it.

Back to something normal:
A bit of fisting;
here we have some pissing...

This isn't very interesting
straight SM...

Clearly the best video so far.
I'm sorry. I didn't know you had
the course here. Just a mistake.