Choking Hazard

What's the cook doing anyway?
It's never too late
to make such a decision.

It'll help you find
the meaning of life.

So, just to subscribing
to this magazine is enough?

Do you know how many copies
of "Awaken" have been printed?

22,755,000 readers
can't be wrong.

- That looks weird, huh?
- An infinity of parallel universes.

It gives me tingles.
Because the doctor is
in every single one of them,

and he's blabbering
and blabbering and blabbering.

Why are you always such a dork?
Mimesis. To merge
with the surrounding world.

- Has any of you been upstairs?
- Why?

I've saw somebody
and he seemed strange.

- Must've been a bogeyman!
- Bogeyman?

- I'll check the kitchen again.
- You were just there.

You have
to breathe down their necks

- to get proper vegan food.
- Then I'll go.

They'll ignore you. I'm going myself.
And we can continue our topic.
- Please no.
- Maybe this door is already open.

According to John Lilly
everything imaginable exists.