Choking Hazard

So, what now?
- My god, why don't you cover him?
- Jehovah.

Somebody has to do it.
- And we also have to...
- What?

- We have to be sure
he won't return. - What?!

No way. Do you think I'm crazy?
Do you think I could kill?

Why not?
Because they'd put me away,
that's why.

Your girlfriend
is tougher punishment.

You swore.
And a promise is a promise.

There's no logic in that.
Yeah, but you're the one
who thinks things make sense.

And you and Lefnerova
co-organized this course.

You're responsible for us.
I bet she wouldn't back out:
She's no wimp.

- Stop it.
- Stop what?

I can't concentrate
with you talking to me.

Any moment he might
wake up as a woodsman.

Hurry! He's waking up!
I'm not dead yet.
That makes
only 22,754,999 readers.

- You are an asshole.
- Someone's got to be.

Now finish him off.
I can't do it.
Put this on his head.
It's easier to hit the pillow.