Chris Rock: Never Scared

Thank you!
Thank you all for coming out. Yes.
Welcome. Sit yo asses down.
Sit yo black asses down, man.
Thank you all for coming out
to my fourth HBO Special.

That's right, baby.
Number four! Yeah!
Yeah, this is the Kill Bill one,
you know what I'm saying?

Gonna do it right, man.
It's good to be here in Washington, DC.

That's right. Lovely Constitution Hall,
that's right, man.

Now I haven't toured in a long time,
I haven't done a special for a long time.
I was waiting for special things to happen,
and a lot's happened in my life
since the last time I was on the road, man.

I had a little baby girl.
It's not a big deal.
I mean, even roaches have kids, right?

But I got a little baby girl.
And it's amazing when you have a girl -
you're a man and you have a girl,

it's eye-opening.
Cos I realise I'm the man in her life.
And my relationship with my daughter