Chris Rock: Never Scared

I feel sorry for the guys
that gotta pick a wife out of this bunch.

"Daddy, where d'you meet Mommy?"
"She was singing about balls at a club."
That's why people always say rap music
is misogynistic

and it's degrading to women.
But what I realise, man,
is women that like rap
don't give a fuck.
Women that like rap
don't care what they saying.

If the beat's all right she will dance all night.
Women don't give a fuck.
The nastier the better.
I see girls on the floor
dancing to the nastiest shit ever made.

Just on the floor, like - Smack her with a dick.
I'll put a dick in the ear, a dick in the ear.
Fuck her in the eye.
Blind the bitch.
And you know what's wild?
If you mention to a woman
that the song is disgusting and misogynistic,

they all give you the same answer -
"He ain't talkin' 'bout me."
Smack her with a dick.
I'll put a dick in the ear.
He said your name! "No, he didn't."
Smack her with a dick.

Love rap music, tired of defending it, man.
It's weird with rap music
because people either love it or hate it.

Even the United States Government hates rap.
The Government hates rap.
You know why I say that? Cos they don't arrest
anybody that kills rappers.