Chris Rock: Never Scared

The shit's all nappy and grey.
When his make-up's all fucked up
cos he don't get the Crayola people
to fix his face no more.

That's a fucking sad-ass sight.
Remember we used to have arguments about
who was better, Michael Jackson or Prince?

Prince won.
Yeah, man, Michael went crazy,
then Janet lost her damn mind,
whipping out her titty on a Sunday afternoon.
On a Sunday afternoon!
What the fuck is wrong with this girl?
This ain't Déjà Vu.

This ain't Magic City, motherfucker.
It's the Super Bowl!

A titty on a Sunday afternoon.
People coming home from church,
turn on the TV. "Oh, Lord!"

A titty on a Sunday afternoon.
And a 40-year-old titty at that.
You can't just whip out a 40-year-old titty.
That's yo man's titty.
That is yo man's titty.
40-year-old titty - yo man's titty.
20-year-old titty - community titty.
That's for all to see.
The titty couldn't even believe it was outside.
It was like, "Oh, shit,
what the fuck's going on?

"Close the door!"
Michael's crazy, Janet lost her mind,
now I gotta see Jermaine every week
for the blow-by-blow.

I thought I was done with Jermaine.
I got the Do What You Did When You Did
What To Me album.

I thought I was done with Jermaine.
Jermaine looked crazier than Michael.