Chris Rock: Never Scared

What the fuck is wrong with R Kelly?
He got a lot of balls, OK?

Talk about, "It ain't me!"
Got a damn sex tape out. "It ain't me."
Motherfucker, we know what you look like.
That's you, OK?
There's a damn Soul Train award
right next to the bed!

Best R & B '98, that's you!
I can't even believe R Kelly would
come outside after this shit.

At one point on the tape, R Kelly's eating
this girl's ass out like it's Puppy Chow.

He's in her ass like he's got diabetes
and her ass got insulin in it.
Lookin' like the movie 28 Days Later.
R fucking Kelly, man.
The whole world's going crazy, man.
Siegfried and Roy,
the tiger bit the man in the head,

and everybody's mad at the tiger.
Talk about the tiger went crazy.
That tiger ain't go crazy, that tiger went tiger!
You know when the tiger went crazy?
When the tiger was riding round
on a little bike with a Hitler helmet on.

"Oh, shit, I'm a crazy tiger.
"Oh, Lord, I'm crazy. What is I gon' do?"
Whole damn country's all fucked up.
We so desperate for entertainment
everybody's falling for this magician,
David Blaine.

What the fuck is this shit? Are we so
desperate that we fall for a trickless magician?

Where the fuck's the trick?