Christmas with the Kranks

-Who said that?
-Could've been anybody.

How dare they!
What a bunch of losers.
You know what?
You know, I don't think I'm coming back
from this cruise.

Attagirl. Two more days
and we're out of here.

Two more, baby.
-Chocolate milk?

That's mine.
-Sorry I'm late.

Hey. What's wrong?
It's Bev Scheel.
-Could you cover for me?

-What happened?
-She went for a checkup yesterday.

The cancer's back for the third time.
-Has it spread?
-They think so.

That's awful.
This could be her last Christmas.
Well, if it isn't old Scrooge himself.
How do you think this photographer
got this shot?

-What photographer?
-The one that took this photograph.

-That one.
-Yeah, that one.

He climbed up.
-On your roof?

-Why did you do that?
-I don't know.

He said he wanted to get a shot
of the whole street.

At least you're consistent.
I try to be, old man.
-Stop that.
-Stop what?

Stop calling me "old man."
You're, like, 10 years older than me.
-Am I?

-Prove it.

I just heard about Bev. I am so sorry.
How's she doing?
Remarkably well. In good spirits.
Decorating the house, baking cookies.

Sure. If there's anything we can do,
let me know.