Club Dread

I mean, is it
the next victims, or is it the killer?.

Our lives depend on us interpreting
the dumbest fucking song I've ever heard.

Please, don't hold back.
Just saywhat you really think.

I'm notsensitive.
you know, I won about five fucking
gold records in my lifetime.

H- How many gold records
do you have?.

Let's see how it ends.
Yu and Hank are dead.

- Why?. What did we do?.
- No, man.

Yu and Hank are fucking dead.
you threatening me?. 'Cause if you are,
you little hairless lap dog-

!Ay, puta!
Just come and look!

"Don't let this be Yu. '"
She was just trying
to warn the guests.

Why are we doing
a goddamn fashion show?.

Because it's goddamn
Fashion Show Wednesday, that's why!

Lookwhat happened to Yu! Remember
the warning: "Do yourjobs or die"?.

So we're just gonna put
little smiles on our faces...

and march out there
and do our goddamn jobs.

- you got that?. Lars, you're up. Come on. Let's go.
- you got it, Pete.

Lars Brunckhorst, everybody.
Lars is sporting
the Pleasure Poncho.

Only 19.95 at the gift shop.
Thank you, Lars.

I'm tellin'ya, I got a bad
feeling about that new guy.

you are right. It all started
when he got here, didn't it?.

- Sam, it isn't Lars or any of us.
- Look,Jenny.

- I know why you're defending him.
- Pajamas! Come on! Move!

- Putman, pillow.
- Putman Livingston, I presume.