Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen

Maybe you're messing up so much
because you're so excited
about the concert tonight.

No, I'm used to those things.
Lola and Carla,
do you have to talk?

Opening night is in one week.
I would think
that we could just have

one decent rehearsal by now!
All right.
What I think we'll do now
is we'll just breathe.

Breathe deep, and try and relax.
And another one.
Shake it, shake it, shake it,
shake it, shake it.

And you all just keep shaking
and relaxing.

I'm gonna get something I need
out of the drama room.

No, Miss Baggoli.
I'll get it for you.

That's all right, Lola.
What I need is locked up
in the drama room.

But on page 42 of the script
is where I want to
look down demurely.

Lola, get out of my way!
Can't we just go back
onto the stage?

Miss Baggoli, please.
Please, just get out of --
Lola, would you please
get out of my way?

That's odd.
Why isn't this locked?
Oh, my goodness.
But I always lock this door.
You probably did lock it.
We have the same lock at home.

Sometimes it works.
Sometimes it doesn't.

You never know
what's gonna happen.

Oh, oh.
Okay, nothing
seems to be missing.

Why would anything
be missing here?

Well, I have no idea, do l?
You know, I just want to
talk to you about my lines.

I don't know them that well.
You don't know your lines?
At this time, I don't even
want to discuss this.

No, I'm not even gonna
discuss this right now.

Lola, you're just making me
so nervous.

Well, I need to show you
something on the stage.

You know what I think?
I think that you've just been
working so hard,