Confidences trop intimes

My husband doesn't touch me anymore.
Better than being beaten.
But he would like...
I'm sorry.
He wants me to have sex
with another man.

Oh, another man.
Someone you know?

No, it doesn't matter who.
He's getting obsessed by this.

He says: "You have the right
to fuck with anyone".

It's him who uses the word "fuck".
The women who do such things to survive
have no choice but I...

He's the one who needs professional help...
How can you bear it?
We'd better break up.
We can't go on like that.

- Why?
- That's how it is.

I've got to go now.
I'll give you what I owe you.
No, listen...
No, I haven't got enough money, sorry.
I'll pay you next time.
When will it be? Monday, same time?
Listen to me...
- I'm not a doctor.
- Aren't you? I thought that...

But have you understood what I want to say?
Yes, I have.
Not all the psychoanalysts are graduate,