Confidences trop intimes

Mrs. Mulon,
- Any phone calls?
- From whom?

- A young lady.
- What's her name?

- It doesn't matter.
- No one has called.

- Good morning madam.
- Good morning.

Sorry for the trouble.
Could I speak with doctor Monnier?
Have you got an appointment?
No, I'm his neighbour,
Mr. Faber. The tax consultant.

Oh, of course.
What would you like to tell him?

A friend of mine had to meet
the doctor at the beginning of the month.

It is possible. And?
Well, we had lost contact,
then we met again in the lift,

but she was in a hurry. I wanted to call her
but I haven't got her number anymore.

What day exactly?
Tuesday 2nd at six o'clock p.m.
Yes, there was a patient.
It was her first session.

- That's her.
- But she didn't come

- without notice.
- It's her.

What's your friend's name?
I don't know, because
I know her first name,

but I don't absolutely know
her family name.

Rather twisted, your story.
But I need to contact her. Be kind.
I'll go and ask the doctor
if he can receive you.