Confidences trop intimes

Want to know why I didn't come last time?
I have to tell you
that I'm not doctor Monnier.

I know.
I've known it for a while.
I wanted to delay
our appointment,

and when I called
the real doctor Monnier picked up.

His voice was different from yours.
It was a shock.
I thought, if he's not him, then...

...then who is he?
I should have never returned here.
I thought it's disgusting.
That guy knows all about me
and I know nothing about him.

So, Mr. Faber,
you're a tax consultant.

- What's your job about?
- I help my clients to deal...

Â…with their own taxes.
Without cheating?
Yes. Well, yes and no...
You cheated on me.
The appearances are against me.
- Please to forgive me. Will you?
- No.

I could have killed you.
I really could have.

Listen, there's been a misunderstanding.
I am sorry about that.
And I, when I realized
I had spoken about my problems

to a perfect stranger, I felt dirty,
- as if you had raped me.
- Raped...

Yes, raped.
- No one can help me...
- I don't agree...

Nobody can.