Confidences trop intimes

I came again
because I haven't got your number.

Neither have I, Mrs. De Lambre...
- Did you investigate on me?
- Well, you disappeared...

No, I've only asked my neighbour,
doctor Monnier,

if he could give me your number.
Don't you imagine?
I didn't want him to call me
at home, because of my husband.

...and you gave him the number
of the weather forecasts.

The first one which came to my mind.
We use it at the boutique.

When they say it will rain,
we put the umbrellas in the windows.

On Tuesday at half past six, Mr. Faber?
Yes, of course.
But how can I call you?
Anna, if you want.
- No, I meant by phone...
- Don't you ever call me.

See you on Tuesday.
So? What do you think?
- It has a good bouquet.
- I didn't mean the Bordeaux but Luc.

Tell me honestly.
Well, he is...
...He's very physical, isn't he?
Indeed. Not your kind at all.
You'll have to get rid of my books...
There is no hurry...
Mister Muscle doesn't care that
you're spending the evening with me?

I told him I had a meeting at the Faculty.