Confidences trop intimes

- Have you seen her again?
- Who?

- The weeping girl.
- Yes.

- Have you told her you aren't a psychiatrist?
- Of course.

I had to.
Whose makeup is this?
- Did you keep it?
- Yes, just in case...

Don't you want to stay?
No, William.
Tonight was just...
Â…just nothing.
Hello? Hello!
Hello, who is it!

- Who was it?
- No one, I hung up.

- Were you waiting for a phone call?
- No.

Which floor?
- The sixth.
- Me too.

Thank you, but I'd rather use the stairs.
- Up to six floors?
- I prefer so.

I'm early.
The first time I saw this sofa
I thought it wasn't bad at all...

Sometimes I take a nap...
I was late today because
the streets were full of people,

and I don't like the crowd.
I had to walk through secondary streets.

Wouldn't it be simpler
for you to come by car?

My husband forbids me to drive.
He forbids you to drive,
he forbids you to smoke...
What else?

Who knows what he does
alone in the house all day.

And how do you spend your days?
I try to survive.
I get up, I go to work...

...and that's it.
Wouldn't you like to do something else,