I'm not a violent person.
I've never even seen a gun go off.

That stuff at the casino was

I was totally in control of that.
Don't get involved with these people.
I'm telling you.

It's my dad.
I gotta do something.
Personally, I don't get the family thing.
It's like a big fucking circle, you know?

You're like your dad,
and he was like his dad....

I fought with my mother,
so now I fight with my sister.

It's boring.
You know what
the biggest jerk-off of all is?

Beyond family even, because you
can't control your family, is jobs.

I mean, this totally mystifies me.
Can you believe people
actually accept this?

It's like you work all day,
people tell you what to do all day long.

You know, and then on top
of taking shit all day, they can fire you.

-Well, what did your father do?
-He was an astronaut.

Take off.
-Take off. Say goodbye.

-Oh, okay.
-I can't believe I ran into you.

-Good to see you.
-I'm in a hurry. Gotta go.

-Have a good one.
-See you.

Excuse me.
Could I get my change, please?

What change, sir?
The change for the hundred.
What hundred?
I paid you 10 minutes ago
with a $ 100 bill.

Sir, you didn't pay me.
Excuse me, Daniel, maybe you got
too many tables or something.

I asked if you could break 100,
you said yes.

-Sir, you're mistaken.
-We're past the "sir" stage.

-I need to see the manager.

I don't wanna talk to you anymore.
You understand?

I wanna talk to the manager
and get my change.

-You didn't pay, so don't shout.
-I don't wanna shout, but I'm late.

Now, I wanna see the manager.
Get your boss. Don't be stupid.

-Is there a problem?
-Yes, this gentleman says he paid.

-No, I did pay you.
-There seems to be confusion.

No, no confusion.
I had a cup of coffee.

I had two $ 100 bills,
and now I have one.

Oh, here. The corner's missing.
So it must be missing the corner.
Can you check for a bill
with a corner missing?

-I'm not going anywhere.

Get my change.
I have to get out of here.