I knew that trick.
-Oh, yeah?

-Did you ever try it?

Why not?
It's too loud.
-You know...

:15:11 have to make a whole scene.
That's the point.
They're not interested
in making a scene.

That's the key, okay?
The more offended you are,
the less suspicious.

If things get sticky,
you blame everybody else.

-Have you been paying attention?

I just think it's too emotional,
that's all.

This is private.
So listen, I've been thinking about it.
Go ahead and file it.

I gotta go.
I got somebody here.
I gotta go. Bye.

Who was that?
My lawyer.
Hey, so-- So, what's next?
I don't know.
Maybe we should go our own ways.
The Jew is gonna come back soon. He
finds out I replaced him, he'll be pissed.

-The Jew gets jealous.
-No, wait.

-Tell me. What is it?
-You're not into it.

You're distracted or something. Maybe
this shit with your father, I don't know.

You'll fuck something up.
What could I fuck up?
You think too much.
I think too much?
But why is that bad?

-You see what I'm saying?
-Tell me, why?

You'll hesitate. Okay?
You'll blow a frame.

I can't risk that.
That'll be three for me. Three.

Look, I need the money.
-I can't make what I need on my own.
-Yeah, well, too bad.

It's not about memorization.
This is a choice, okay?
You're not ready.

You think it's something to do for now.
It's not some summer job, okay?

You can get the Wilshire bus down here.
Can you get that purse
in less than two minutes?

-What purse?
-That one.

She has to voluntarily hand me
her purse?

In two minutes.