So I gotta go meet the son-in-law
and go to Ochoa's.

-So you're doing it.
-Of course. If I sell it, I get 90 percent.

-But this is fucking federal shit, man.
-Yeah, and it's a six-figure score.

Okay. Listen. Hold on a minute.
What? What?
-I want in.
-In where?

The deal. I need the cash, man.
I want a part.

-A part? What?
-We're together for the day, right?

-Just a small percentage.
-Because I'm nice?

This guy got me through my sister.
Who do you think you are?

The day just took a turn. Okay?
Come on, I was there.
-Your name is?
-My name is Valerie.

-What are you doing?
-I need to get my parking validated.

Is that Hannigan?
That guy you were talking to?

Leave him alone, Richard.
Don't tell him you have a boyfriend.
It'll cut your tips in half.

Do you remember a song,
an old R & B song from the '70s?

It goes something like:
-Don't remember?
-That's it, let's go.

-I won't bother you again.
-Nothing else you wanna say to me?

-Oh, yeah. Talk to your lawyers.
-Your lawyers are holding things up.

-That's what they do.
-What about Michael?

-This isn't about him.
-It's all about him.

You sued me,
and now it's gonna play out.

-What do you want?

-I want your lawyer to--
-Hey, Mike.

-How are you?

-I'm okay. I'm working here.
-She's got you all dressed up.

It's not a bad job. I'm just getting
the swing of it, but tips are great.

-That's what I hear.
-I gotta get back to work.

-I'll see you later?

-Be good.
-Yeah, good to see you.

He's a great kid.
Hope you're not fucking him up.

Would you please leave now?