They were beautiful copies
that your husband made...

...that our mother loved very much.
The originals got damaged
so your husband copied them.

That's why it's so urgent.
Where does your mother live?
My mother lives in
San Juan Capistrano.

Do you know San Juan Capistrano?
Oh, my son's wife is from
San Juan Capistrano.

Wow, what a coincidence.

I love San Juan. It's one of the
most beautiful places there is.

-Yes, very beautiful.
-Isn't it true?

Give me just one second.
Fifteen percent.
-Fuck off.

-You can't do this without me.
-I'll kill you first.

Let's go.
Minus expenses.
What a coincidence,
I love San Juan Capistrano.

My mother is always telling us never
to move her from San Juan Capistrano.

Because she's always saying:
"Where a Gianolo is born
they should also die. "

It's a phrase she's always repeating.
-She is family of Father Gianolo?
-She is his cousin.

Since we were children,
we knew Father Gianolo.

And if Father Gianolo
were to come visit us...

...the problem is that
Richard doesn't speak Spanish.

He only speaks English.
We don't know who his father is.

That's why he's always
fighting with mother.

Hey, hold on a second.
Don't get fucking taco sauce all over it.

Yeah. What do you got?
What time?
All right. Thanks.
So Hannigan's at the hotel
the rest of the afternoon.