Then you know about...
Well, that I can be...
That I have...
other interests.
Interests, the pursuit of which
some people might find cruel to you.

You mean men?
Yes, men.
Let's just say you like them more than I do.
Nothing is cruel that fulfills your promise.
I've been promising all my life.
I've got a notebook
full of promise. Trunks full.

I want to be more than promising to you.
We could fulfill your promise together.
We could be singular as a couple.
Would you stay for dinner?
It will be just us.
I'd like that.
So, did you love her then?
Then? I don't know.
I thought I might discover what love was.
The physical side was always...
We could take it or leave it.
It was pleasant enough.
But the intimacy was stunning.
Good morning.
What's that?
It's an idea for a song.
This part, right here,
I think would go nicely with...

"I love you."
What do you think?
I think that would be beautiful.
I do, you know.