You and I have a relationship,
a political understanding

You have gone against the spirit
of the relationship, Latif

Mangal Rao, believe me
Let's meet and discuss this.
I will do anything to help you people

I think we should clear out the place
The police might raid anytime
Let them come!
An attack on the life
of a senior police officer

We consider it a terrorist attack
The government has taken
a serious view of this incident

And I have decided that...
we have to eliminate terrorists
from their very roots

In your opinion, is it possible
for the police to achieve this?

With your kind permission sir,
it is possible

It's possible to
defeat terrorists sir

If the government permits us
to formulate a battle plan...

and gives us full authority
and freedom...

to carry out our battle plan...
then it's not impossible to destroy
these people from the roots, sir

The government is committed
to destroying enemies of the nation

Joint Commissioner
Tejinder Khosla...

I promote you and appoint you
Officer on Special Duty

You design your battleplan
against terrorist activity

You have full authority
to work the way you want to

Pick your team
and report to me directly

Thank you sir, you have entrusted me
with this responsibility

I won't disappoint you
I hope so too
Sir, I am from
the same college as you