Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story

I know you said no to joining the team,
but I'd like you to reconsider
as a personal favour to me.

- Peter...
- Before you answer,

you should know you'd have
your own changing room.

- Really?
- Sort of.

And there's also this.
- OK, what's this?
- I overdid.

Look at you. Two expired movie passes
and a coupon for one free back rub
from Peter La Fleur.

- Play your cards right, could be a full body.
- Will you just stop, please?

I don't want your perk package.
I don't want your back rub.

I just want to see White Goodman's face
when we win that tournament.

- You're in?
- I'm in.

Las Vegas. A city built of hot sand,
broken dreams and $5 lobster.

A city where you can get a happy ending,
if you pay a little extra.

A city home to a sporting event
greater than the World Cup,

World Series and World War II combined.
Live from Las Vegas, it's the Las Vegas
International Dodgeball Open

here on ESPN8 - the "Ocho" -
bringing you the finest in seldom-seen sports
from around the globe since 1999.

If it's almost a sport, we've got it here.
Hello, everybody, and welcome to this year's
Las Vegas International Dodgeball Open

brought to you exclusively
here on ESPN8 - the "Ocho".

We're coming to you live from
the Las Vegas University Learning Annex.

My name is Cotton McKnight
and with me, as always,
is my partner in crime, Pepper Brooks.

Yeah. Cotton, hey.
Everybody, 32 teams in play, that means
four wins is gonna get you in the final match,

the fifth win getting you
the 50K that everyone's chasing.

There's an electricity in the air,
a palpable hue of anticipation.

Immortality - five simple victories away.
They've come from all over - Kathmandu
to Timbuktu, and all points in-between -