El Abrazo partido

A mall is a world of appearances.
To customers, we're
just salespeople,

who disappear when
the stores close.

''The Arcade''
But we're much
more than that.

Behind our counters,
we have our stories,

maybe not shattering
ones, but worth telling

The Saliganis are
ltalians who fix radios

A big family, with
the biggest store.

This is no place for a baby!
l'll take him to the other store!
He'll swallow a transistor!

They may seem angry
but yelling's their way
of communicating.

They just rented another store,
where Saligani's wife
opened a beauty parlor.

l kept you waiting.
l have to heat water.

But l forgot the mate.
The Kims ended up here
because the Korean mall was full.

No one can figure out
how they're related, but no one cares.

He only speaks Korean,
and she translates.

They sell Feng Shui items.
The Levin brothers
sell fabrics.