El Abrazo partido

Wait. The phone!
l'll be right back.

Elias callsonce a month from lsrael to see if
she got his money for ''child support''.

He owes us nothing.
Or rather, what he owes us
can't be sent via a bank,
neither in cash.

nor in monthly payments
l gather they discuss the same things
over and over.

She worries about bombs in lsrael,
he says Buenos Aires at night
is more dangerous.

They don't really believe it,
but they hang up reassured,
knowing they miss each other.

Then she remains silent for a while,
hoping no one will come in
and interrupt her reverie
about all those years
if Elias had stayed here.

A new blouse?
l joined a Hebrew
folk dancing class.

Nice. And your hair?
My blow-dry's almost done...
Why are you running?
Dad called.
l see. So?
l told him about you...
that you want to become Polish
and go to Poland.
l'm going to Europe,
not Poland.

Even better. You'll
be closer to lsrael.

He said he wants you to go
to a kibbutz with him for a month.
With Dad.

To a kibbutz?
What do people do there?
Do they milk cows, sow corn...?