El Abrazo partido

This is a tale,
an imaginary story.
The boy comes forward
amidst all this social chaos
and says:

''l know when it's the Sabbath.
lt's when the air smells sweet.''
certainly, two days later
the air smelt sweet

From then on, everyone
believed the kid.

The Sabbath was back.
The Sabbath's always back.
Then Nazis came
and killed them all.

l knew the ending,
but the tale is good.

Well, see you Sunday
at 9 AM.
Ok. bye
Alfadi always screws me!
He gave you that frame.
OK, no big deal.
Remember the watches!

And it's not for sale!
What is it for?

My girlfriend's picture.
You got one?
But l want this one
to see her picture here.

What's her name?

She's not Jewish,
she's Paraguayan.

We go to dance halls,
eat local dishes...

How'd you meet her?
She's Marisa's maid.

Your old girlfriend?

Who married Eugenio?

You're in love with their maid?
l went to visit them,
and fell madly in love.

Better than falling in love
with Marisa, or Eugenio.
Who's normal?
You could say he
went off to war.

lt's not really true,
but it's OK.

What's true?
lf a mystery has
no answer, leave it at that,

don't look for phony answers.
For instance,
where did we come from?
The Bible says...