El Maquinista

Man, that's bullshit!
You meant to tell me that this whore was wearing nothing
but a thong and this fool can't tell no difference.

Hey, man. he had one of those "tuck jobs".
Come on Jones, you know how to do that.

You might, I don't!
Yeah, whatever.
You Reznik, you wanna go for some cards tonight?
Can't, got plans.
Shit! See, this nigger say the same thing every poker night.
Hey, what is up with you? you used to be alright.

Well, he used to hang but he ain't never been alright.
Hey, Jackson, you need to realise that
some men prefer the company of women.

Who! hotty duty, he ain't get no booty.
Maybe he has got a date by the name "tuck jobs"
No, your mother said she couldn't make it.
Oh! Reznik talking smack,
I can't even respond to that.

You ok?
Do I look ok?
If you were any thinner, you wouldn't exist.
What's wrong?
I don't know, deja vu.
You are tired, you need to sleep.
How do you do it?
Sleep so little and still look so good.
Are you flirting with me?
-Try to fatten me up?
-What if I am?

Suppose I wanted blueberry.
You had that last night.
You don't fool me, Trevor Reznik.
I have you figured out.