El Maquinista

How long have you known my mother?
About a year.
How did you meet her?
We just kind of met.
Are you going to see her again?
I hope so.
Would you like that?
I guess so
Hey, you wanna know a secret?
My father left us when I was your age.
You wanna know something else?

Made me realised what a wonderful mother I had.
You will realise that too some day.
What is that?
Monster ride.
Route six hundred and sixty six.
What does that mean?

Well, a route is a road you take
when you're on a long journey.

Can we go in?
Well, Nicolas, maybe we should wait for your mother.
What for?
You are going straight
to hell on route 666.

Ride here if you dare!
You are going straight to hell on route 666.

Look like someone had a bad crack up.
Fill her up, cowboy.
We wouldn't be eating in there
anytime soon, Nicolas?

Eww.. look at that.
You should close your eyes.