Ella Enchanted

The prince will never grant an audience
with an elf. They think we're a joke.

I have met Prince Charmont, and I think
he might be different than his uncle.

- Why? Cos he's a hunk?
- No.

- What is he, about six foot?
- About.

Yeah, I hate the guy already.
I'm not wasting my time.

Lacking courage as well as height.
Count me in.
Elves aren't that short, you know.

That's just a myth created by that stupid
"Elves and the Shoemaker" story.

- Do I look small enough to fit in a shoe?
- No.

Stinking Grimm Brothers.
Are you sure he knows where he's going?

Hey, I'm right here. Just cos I'm a book
doesn't mean I don't have ears.

Boys, if you can't play nice,
you can't play together.

Oh, no. The rustling always comes
before the screaming and the running.

I knew this was gonna happen.
They'll just find pieces of us
scattered across the forest floor.

Oh, a bunny. You know, the last known
case of a bunny attack was, well, never.

It never hurts to be on your guard.
Nobody panic, nobody panic.
I've got this in hand.

You! Thumper!
Out of the forest or no more carrots for you.
I don't like carrots.
How do you feel about rabbits,
cos one just went thataway.

I am the ogre, Nish.
How do you like to be eaten?
Baked, boiled, shish-kebabbed?

How about free range?
Stop! No!
Ella of Frell. Hi, how are you doing?
I think there's been a big mistake here.
See, I'm pro-ogre.

Absolutely. I led a rally on your behalf
the other day. Maybe you heard about it.