Enduring Love

What happened to the boy?
He pulled himself together, brought the
balloon down in a field five miles away.

Oh, no.
Oh, God.

So the doctor died for nothing.
That's terrible.
It doesn't make any sense, does it?
You tried. You did the best you could.
You're so brave. Isn't he brave?
I'd have been a gibbering wreck.
I am a gibbering wreck.
Yeah, well... I'd have started shrieking.
Running around wringing my hands
and twisting my ankle.

So, yeah.
But I let go of the rope. I let go.
- But if you hadn't...
- Yeah, but I let go.

- If you hadn't, I'd be here without you.
- I let go.

Yeah, but if I hadn't have let go...
If none of us had let go...
...we could've brought that balloon down.
Oh, I'm sorry.
She's teething.
Listen. You flew through the air.
You were actually airborne.
It was an airborne rescue attempt.
You know, you wrestled with the gods
and you lived.

Compared to most people,
you're a fucking action hero.

It was the wind.
It was the wind.