Eorin shinbu

Hey, you can't kick that...
You haven't changed one bit.
It's you, Boeun.
You're a big girl now. Great body!
Nice curves.
Drop it, okay?
Hey, you little girl!
Hey, give me a break!
They look so nice and shiny...
Stop staring. You'll sprain your eyes.
No, it's just that they look familiar.
Anyway, what brings you here?
Missed me so that
you had to skip school?

No, it's the school's anniversary.
I was forced to come here.
I'm wasting my time
when I really have to study.

Yeah, there's only 2 years left
to the national exam.

But people like you really make
college look undesirable.

What do you mean?
You're a pervert and a playboy.
I may be a playboy,
but not a pervert.

Here's your present.
Just for you, keep it
a secret to the family.

Pretty, isn't it?
It's padded. Real thick.

You're a pervert!
Should I help you put it on?
- Should I?
- Want me to punch you?