Exorcist: The Beginning

I was especially impressed
with your treatise on the Roman rituals.

I'm no longer a part of that. I'm sure you
didn't come here to discuss Catholic rituals.

I was actually headed to Kenya
to begin missionary work...

when Rome learned of the discovery.
They've asked me to make sure the site's
religious aspect have the proper consideration.

How come you've opened
the site to the Vatican?

We haven't...
You're both my guests.
Tell me, have you any theories
on who might have built this church?

Well, not until I've seen it.
Surely the Vatican has
some record of its creation.

I'm afraid not.
We're as in the dark
about it as you are.

- How long have you been with the dig, Chuma?
- Since the beginning.

The British hired me as an interpreter.
What happened here?
Plague. Ravaged the valley
50 years ago.

- How many died?
- All of them.