Exorcist: The Beginning

- They're empty!
- What?

I dug up three graves.
They were all empty. What happened here?

- I-I don't know.
- Oh, yes, you do.

- You've been lying to me since we got here.
- Let go of me.

Damn it!
There are crosses on the graves!

There are crosses on the coffins!
The church buried them, didn't they?
Didn't they?
What were they hiding?
That this place is damned.
No! You asked the question!
Now you're gonna listen to the answer!

There was a massacre here...
1,500 years ago.
An army from the west,
led by two priests...

searching for the origin
of a powerful evil.

But when they got here
that evil consumed them...

turning the soldiers
against each other in a bloodbath.

Only a single priest survived.
When that priest made it back
to the EmperorJustinian...

he ordered that a church
be built over the site and then buried...

to seal the evil inside.
All mention of it was to be stricken
from the history texts forever.

But it wasn't?
In 1893...
a Vatican researcher
found an ancient letter in the archives.

Four priests came
to examine the site...

enlisting the help of the people
of this valley in their search...

and they all disappeared.
Where did they go?
No one knows.
The Vatican ordered a cover-up-
the false graveyard...
the tale of a plague to-
to scare people away.
And then the British
stumbled across it.

And I was sent here
to see if the legend was real.

What legend?
That after the war in heaven...
this is the spot where Lucifer fell.