Fahrenheit 9/11

Was it all just a dream?
God bless you, Florida.
Thank you!

Did the last four years not really happen?
Look, there's Ben Affleck.
He's often in my dreams.
And the taxi driver guy.
He was there too.
And little Stevie Wonder,
he seemed so happy,
like a miracle had taken place.
Was it a dream?
Or was it real?
It was election night 2000
and everything seemed to be going as planned.
In New York,
Al Gore is our projected winner.
The Garden State is green for Gore.
We project that Mr. Gore
is the winner in Delaware.

This state has voted with the winner in...
Mike, you know I wouldn't do this
if it weren't big:

Florida goes for Al Gore.
CNN announces that we call Florida
in the Al Gore column.

Then something called the Fox News Channel
called the election in favor of the other guy.
Sorry to interrupt you;
Fox News now projects George W. Bush
the winner in Florida
and thus it appears
the winner of the Presidency of the United States.
All of a sudden the other networks said,
"Hey, if Fox said it, it must be true.
All of us networks made a mistake
and projected Florida in the Al Gore column.
It was our mistake.
Now what most people don't know
is that the man who was in charge
of the decision desk

at Fox that night,
the man who called it for Bush
was none other than Bush's first cousin,
John Ellis.
How does someone like Bush
get away with something like this?
Well first,