Fahrenheit 9/11

Citigroup, Citibank is the largest stock
held by the Saudis.
AOLTimeWarner has big Saudi investors.
So I read where like the Saudis
have a trillion dollars
in our banks of their money.
What would happen if like one day
they just pulled that trillion dollars out?
A trillion dollars,
that would be an enormous blow to the economy.
Could I speak with you for a moment please, sir?
Uh yeah, sure.
Good, how are you doing?
Steve with the Secret Service.
We're just ascertaining information regarding,
are you making a documentary
regarding the Saudi Arabian embassy?
Uh, no.
I am doing a documentary.
And part of it is about Saudi Arabia.
Even though we were nowhere near the White House,
for some reason the Secret Service
had shown up to ask us
what we were doing standing across the street
from the Saudi embassy.
We're not here to cause any trouble or anything.
Uh, ya know, is that...
That's fine.
Just wanted to get some information
on what was going on.
Yeah yeah yeah,
I didn't realize the Secret Service
guards foreign embassies.
Uh, not usually, no sir.
No no, do they give you any trouble?
The Saudis?
Uh, no comment on that one,
I'm not going to answer.
Uh, okay,
I'll take that as a yes.
It turns out that Saudi Prince Bandar
is perhaps the best protected ambassador
in the US.
The US State Department provides him
with a six-man security detail.
Considering how he and his family,
and the Saudi elite own seven percent of America,
it's probably not a bad idea.
Prince Bandar is so close to the Bushes
they consider him a member of the family,
and they even have a nickname for him:
Bandar Bush.
Two nights after September 11th,
George Bush invited Bandar Bush
to the White House for a private dinner and talk.
Even though bin Laden was a Saudi,
and Saudi money had funded al Qaeda,
and fifteen of the nineteen hijackers were Saudis,
here was the Saudi ambassador
casually dining with the President.